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The Advantages of Pursuing an Online Cybersecurity Degree for Working Professionals

Advantages of an Online Cybersecurity Degree for Professionals | WGU Online Degree

Jan 09, 2023 • 4 mins read
Advantages of an Online Cybersecurity Degree for Professionals | WGU Online Degree
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

The way of higher education is rapidly evolving, as traditional universities face challenges such as course shortages, high tuition fees, and budget cuts. In response, students are increasingly seeking alternative paths to earn their degrees. Online education has emerged as a popular option, with more than three million students currently pursuing their education online. The once-skeptical attitude towards online learning has given way to a growing recognition of its effectiveness as online education gains a positive reputation and expands.

Benefits of Online Learning for Working Adults

Convenience and flexibility
With online degree courses, students can design their study schedules to fit around their daily routines, allowing them to study when they are most alert and focused, be it early in the morning or late at night. The convenience of having course materials available online eliminates the need to make trips to the library, making it easier to balance work and family responsibilities while pursuing academic goals.

A more comfortable learning environment
Online classes are a comfortable and convenient way to learn without physical classroom attendance. You may have seen advertisements showing online students studying in their pajamas, a testament to the freedom and flexibility that online learning provides. Lectures and study materials are delivered electronically, and assignments can be completed from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to leave work early, fight traffic, or search for parking spaces.

Greater ability to concentrate

While there is conflicting research on the level of participation in online classes compared to traditional ones, online classes have provided a more comfortable environment for introverted students to engage in class discussions with greater ease than in-person classes. Additionally, some students find online classes more conducive to focused study due to fewer distractions from other students.

Continue your profession

With the high costs of college, most students cannot afford to leave their current jobs to pursue a master's degree program to advance their careers. However, online degrees offer flexibility that allows students to continue working while obtaining their academic credentials.

Advance Your Career with Online Cybersecurity Degree

The demand for cyber security professionals is outpacing the supply, creating an abundance of job opportunities in the industry. With technology constantly evolving and cyber threats on the rise, there is a need for more information security experts. Pursuing an online degree in cyber security can equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in this fast-growing field. Online learning is particularly beneficial for working professionals who want to further their education. Some employers even offer paid time off or tuition reimbursement for employees seeking a degree in cyber security. As a result, pursuing an online degree in cyber security can offer more advantages than traditional education.

Importance of Earning an Online Degree in Cybersecurity

The significance of obtaining an online degree in cybersecurity cannot be overstated. With the rise in cyber threats faced by individuals, organizations, and governments, many universities and colleges have developed new graduate degree programs in cybersecurity. While some of these programs are still in their early stages, others have been created in collaboration with industry experts and field practitioners to train cybersecurity professionals with the skills needed to defeat adversaries from theoretical and tactical perspectives.

Today, most employers require a combination of education and experience. Although a master's degree is not always necessary for every job, it offers advantages such as job security, higher pay, and increased career opportunities, according to However, not all cybersecurity degree programs are equal. Thus, careful consideration is essential when selecting a degree program.

Cybersecurity Career Paths

When it comes to earning a [degree in cybersecurity, numerous career paths are available]( for those looking to break into this rapidly growing field. Some of the most popular cybersecurity positions include:

Cybersecurity Analyst: As a cybersecurity analyst, you will be responsible for planning and implementing security measures to safeguard computer networks and systems.

Security Auditor: If you enjoy evaluating and analyzing online security systems, a career as a security auditor might be right for you. This role provides comprehensive audits and recommendations for organizations seeking to strengthen security protocols.

Cybersecurity Specialist: As a cybersecurity specialist, you will play a central role in securing the information systems of businesses and organizations.

Cybersecurity Architect: For those with extensive experience, becoming a cybersecurity architect is a great option. This role involves designing, testing, and maintaining a company's network security infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Consultant: As a cybersecurity consultant, you will work as an independent contractor, helping organizations across all industries safeguard their networks and valuable data.

Network Administrator: Network administrators are responsible for monitoring the network, ordering equipment, configuring and testing networking equipment, and troubleshooting network issues. This is a highly in-demand role in the tech industry.

Cybersecurity Salary Potential

In today's digitally connected world, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has never been higher. In fact, according to ISC2, there is currently a global shortage of 2.93 million cybersecurity professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this growing demand has resulted in a projected 28% increase in cybersecurity jobs by 2026.

Cybersecurity professionals are needed in companies across all industries, particularly in financial, healthcare, and educational institutions where personal information, assets, and health records need to be safeguarded. If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, there are several positions you can explore with excellent salaries and high demand for technical skills, attention to detail, problem-solving, and risk analysis. Let's look at some of the best cybersecurity jobs and their average annual salaries in the United States, as reported by Payscale.

  • Cryptographer – 100,000 USD
  • Information Security Officer – 91,000 USD
  • Security Assessor – 90,000 USD
  • Security Engineer – 88,000 USD
  • Penetration Tester – 81,000 USD
  • Forensics Expert – 71,000 USD
  • Security Administrator – 65,000 USD

Is an Online Cybersecurity Degree Right for You?

Choosing the best educational path is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. Online learning can provide unique benefits that traditional education cannot match. If you seek a flexible and affordable way to expand your academic and professional skills, or if you prefer to study from the comfort of your own home and minimize in-person interaction, then online learning may be an excellent option. It's essential to select a university that meets your comfort level and challenges you academically to help you achieve your full potential.

The Final Words

The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to rise as technology continues to evolve. This field presents a challenging yet rewarding career option for those with a passion for technology and a desire to make a difference. With the increasing number of cyber attacks, businesses, and organizations are looking for experts to help protect their data and systems. If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, know that you will face many challenges. Still, with dedication and expertise, you can make a difference and become a master in the cybersecurity field.

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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