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Reach New Heights: Explore Exciting Career Opportunities with an Online Degree in Cloud Computing

Exploring Cloud Computing Career Opportunities | WGU Online Degree

Jan 13, 2023 • 4 mins read
Exploring Cloud Computing Career Opportunities | WGU Online Degree
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Cloud computing degrees are valuable, versatile, and highly demanded across many industries. There is an increasing demand for individuals skilled in developing and maintaining cloud-based systems. This degree can help you develop the necessary skills in this competitive, growing field. A degree in cloud computing can also give you an edge over other qualified job candidates and enhance your employment prospects.

You can fill this big tech gap in cloud computing by obtaining a degree like WGU's online bachelor's degree in cloud computing.

Online Cloud Computing Degree

A degree in cloud computing can be an excellent place to begin your search for a career in cloud computing. Understanding the cloud is essential, as is the road to getting there.

In fact, by 2026, 10% more jobs will require a bachelor's degree. IT degrees are becoming increasingly important for every career path and industry. The bachelor's degree shows employers that you are committed to your field, possess specific skills and training, and are willing to work hard.

With a cloud computing degree, you'll learn essential skills and understandings about cloud computing, computing, infrastructure, technology, developer and engineer skills, etc. As you demonstrate your ability to perform important tasks that benefit your organization, these skills will be valuable to your employer. Courses in a cloud computing degree include:

  • Web development
  • Network and security
  • Linux
  • Cloud
  • Cloud applications
  • Cloud deployment and operations
  • Emerging technologies
  • Project management
  • Business of IT
  • Scripting and programming
  • Scripting automation
  • Python
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Data center virtualization
  • Cloud platform solutions
  • Cloud architecture
  • Data management
  • Cryptography
  • Software engineering
  • Automation and scaling

Students who take cloud computing and security courses gain software development, web development, network architecture, computer systems, and systems management skills. In addition to qualifying for many IT jobs, students with a cloud computing degree stand out from their peers.

Cloud-Specific Careers with Cloud Computing Degree

You can choose from a variety of IT careers with a degree in cloud administration, including:

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect oversees a company's cloud computing strategy, helps it stay up-to-date with cloud technology, and oversees the application architecture and deployment of cloud systems. A cloud architect ensures a successful cloud-based strategy by providing the architecture that meets the organization's needs.

Cloud Engineer

As a cloud engineer, you are responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving all cloud-based software. You help an organization design a new system or upgrade an existing one. Monitoring cloud performance, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing the system are all important components of managing cloud computing environments.

Cloud Sales

The role of cloud consultants is to help companies understand how cloud technology can benefit them. If you have experience in cloud computing, you will be able to effectively describe the benefits of the technology to new users and help them work through the learning curve.

Cloud Administrator

Cloud administrators oversee and maintain organizations' cloud systems and servers. As part of an organization's cloud, they oversee and keep multi-user computing elements, such as licenses for multiple users or rules about handling simultaneous users. To provide the best user experience, they must ensure the cloud runs efficiently and securely.

Cloud Consultant

In addition to helping clients understand how to use technology and solve problems, cloud consultants help clients understand cloud systems. Their services include choosing the right cloud solution for clients, designing and implementing the system, and providing ongoing support and training to ensure their systems function efficiently and securely.

Other IT Careers with Online Cloud Computing Degree

A cloud degree is still a good idea if you intend to pursue something other than a cloud-specific job. When applying for all types of IT jobs, you can stand out by demonstrating that you have extra knowledge to help an organization.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Computer and information research scientists are responsible for developing new computer languages, programs, and tools for various industries. By understanding cloud computing, computer, and information research, scientists can expand their horizons regarding the tools they can develop for their users.

Software Developer

In computer programming, software developers are known as software engineers. These individuals use their technical capabilities to create computer programs that will meet the needs of their users. In addition to designing, testing, and developing software, they recommend software upgrades for current programs, build models and diagrams to assist computer programmers, and document every aspect of the system for future reference.

Computer Programmer

Generally, computer programmers are responsible for writing code and developing software programs. Software developers and engineers develop the idea for software, while computer programmers code the instructions to ensure that computers can run the software. As well as finding flaws and issues with the programs, computer programmers also test them and ensure that they generate the expected results. If the program does not perform to its expectations, they examine the code for errors and correct them.

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists assist users by answering questions, testing systems, doing maintenance, and troubleshooting hardware and software whenever necessary. They are responsible for ensuring users receive everything they need to use their computers. Support specialists can help users with cloud software and answer questions using cloud knowledge.

Database Administrator

The database administrator stores and organizes data gives users access when necessary, and keeps everything secure. In addition to back-up and restoring data, database administrators identify administrators, create administrator databases, and update permissions. Cloud experience helps database administrators perform their tasks more effectively since it gives them a better understanding of how these systems work.

Information Security Analyst

You are responsible for an organization's security measures as an information security analyst. In addition to monitoring networks for security breaches, you will protect information and data with firewalls and other software, prepare reports, conduct penetration tests, and develop security standards. The cloud experience of information security analysts can help them secure cloud systems and develop cloud-specific security standards.

Web Developer

A web developer is a professional who designs websites. They can create content as well as take care of the look. They are responsible for developing and testing applications, writing code, designing the website, integrating images, and monitoring web traffic. With cloud experience, web developers can extend their capabilities to cloud systems and programs, which is enormously helpful for organizations.

Cloud Computing Salaries

Almost every industry and organization has adopted cloud computing and cloud networking software, which is why there is such a high demand for individuals who have graduated from cloud computing programs. As a result, there has been an increase in universities offering networking associate degrees, which may be a good way for someone to get an entry-level position in network management.

The cloud computing industry is growing rapidly, and professionals must understand the technology and help companies transition to the cloud. These positions often require a certain level of expertise, which is why there is such high demand for individuals who have graduated from cloud computing programs.

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers - $151,150
  • Computer Network Architects - $116,780
  • Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers - $110,140
  • Information Security Analysts - $103,590
  • Database Administrators and Architects - $98,860
  • Computer Systems Analysts - $93,730
  • Computer Programmers - $89,190
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators - $84,810
  • Computer Network Support Specialists - $65,450
  • Computer User Support Specialists - $52,690

The Final Words

Many students consider taking on a bachelor's degree in cloud computing as a worthwhile venture. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next ten years, there is expected to be a growth in jobs in this area of computing and information technology of 13%.

During the past few years, careers in the computer and technology industries have seen considerable growth, especially as organizations and private companies strive to make technological advances for their purposes.

In addition to being more specialized, cloud computing careers can provide higher salaries. There are many careers in cloud computing, including information systems managers, cloud software developers, information security analysts, cloud network administrators, and cloud systems analysts.

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