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Online Network Engineering and Security Degree: Skills, Career Outlook

Feb 02, 2023 • 4 mins read
Online Network Engineering and Security Degree: Skills, Career Outlook
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

Technology plays a big role in our personal and professional lives, so network engineers and security pros are in high demand. With an online network engineering and security degree, you can get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in network engineering and security if you get an online degree.

Here's what you'll learn from an online degree program in network engineering and security and career options.

Online Network Engineering and Security Degree Covers the Following Skills

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
This course covers the concept of SDN, how it can be used in a network environment to improve network management, automation, and security, and how to implement SDN in a network environment. This includes learning about SDN architectures, protocols, and operational methods, as well as how to implement SDN.
During this course, you will gain knowledge of automated tools and techniques that you can use to streamline network management tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. As part of this program, you will learn scripting languages like Python and PowerShell and automation tools like Ansible and Puppet.
IT Fundamentals
With this course, you will thoroughly understand information technology's fundamental elements and concepts, such as hardware, software, networking, and security, including computer architecture, operating systems, databases, and programming language concepts.
Networks and Security
The course will teach you how to design and build secure computer networks, including understanding network architecture, protocols, and security principles. In addition to learning about network topologies, LANs, WANs, and wireless networks, you will also learn about security technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and virtual private networks.
A major part of the course will consist of learning how to use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, for tasks such as data analysis and reporting, as well as how to use functions and formulas and how to create charts and graphs.
Scripting and Programming
With online network engineering and security, you will learn how to automate tasks or perform network analysis by writing scripts and programs in languages like Python, Perl, or Bash. This course will teach students about the basics of programming, including variables, loops, and functions. It will also teach students how to use programming tools such as integrated development environments (IDEs) and other programming languages.
Data Management
This course will teach you to manage and analyze data using various database management systems (DBMS) and SQL. You will learn how to design databases, perform normalization and query operations, and use DBMS tools like MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server.
Operating Systems
During this course, you will learn about different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, and their architectures and functionalities. It involves learning about installing and configuring operating systems, managing user accounts and permissions, and troubleshooting common issues.
Interconnecting Network Devices
The course will teach you about network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls and how to connect them to create a functional network. In addition to learning about different network topologies, such as star, mesh, and ring, students will also learn how to configure network devices that can support these topologies.
Leadership and Management
You will develop leadership and management skills, including team-building, conflict resolution, and decision-making. This is important for managing network engineering teams and projects and interacting with clients and stakeholders. You will learn about leadership and management styles and best practices for effective communication and collaboration.
Web Development
The curriculum involves learning to develop websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, among other technologies and frameworks. It will teach you how to design and create websites, as well as how to optimize them for performance and security. It will also explain to you how to develop and deploy web applications.
The Business of IT
This program will provide you with an understanding of the business side of information technology and topics such as project management, budgeting, and procurement. You will also learn how to align IT strategy with business objectives and understand IT governance frameworks such as ITIL.
There are various security technologies and methodologies that you will learn about in this course, including encryption, access control, and security auditing. In addition to learning about security policies and procedures, you will be taught how to design and implement security solutions for networks, systems, and applications.

Job roles and potential salary

With the growth of digital transformation, the need for skilled professionals to administer network and security systems has increased. WGU can help you gain the technical skills you need to pursue a career in network engineering.
In today's time, network and security professionals are needed in every industry. With the right skills and knowledge, you can secure high-paying job roles in the IT industry.

  • Network Engineer - $88,470
  • Network Security Engineer - $102,040
  • Data Scientist - $98,230
  • Network Administrator - $84,810
  • Network Security Analyst - $103,590
  • Computer Network Architect - $116,780


You can make a good investment in your career by getting an online degree in network engineering and security. You can take on various roles in this exciting field with a deep understanding of network design, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. Whether you're interested in working as a network engineer, network security analyst, or computer network architect, an online degree in network engineering and security can help you. An online network engineering and security degree could lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career due to the high demand for these roles and competitive salaries.

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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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