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Unlock Your Career Potential with the Best Online Degree Programs for In-Demand Fields

The Best Online Degree Programs for In-Demand Careers

Feb 20, 2023 • 4 mins read
The Best Online Degree Programs for In-Demand Careers
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

When choosing the best online degree, the choices are endless. If you prefer to earn your degree online, you can expand your options further, crossing geographical boundaries. Online degree programs have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility, allowing you to work and attend school simultaneously as you pursue your desired career path. Some online programs offer self-paced learning, while others may have a more structured approach.

To assist you in choosing the best online degree program, we have compiled a list of the top online degrees in this blog.

Benefits of learning online degree

Unlock Career Potential
Statistics indicate that online education positively impacts career development, with 44% of online students reporting improved job prospects after graduation. Additionally, 45% of online learners receive a pay increase, and 47% receive job promotions, making online education an intelligent choice for those seeking to advance in their careers.
Experience Flexibility
Traditional classroom-style learning can be restrictive, with set class schedules that may not accommodate your schedule. With online education, you can shape your schedule and work around other commitments. This allows for better time management and balancing school with different interests and responsibilities.
Expand Your Network
Online learning creates opportunities to connect with students worldwide, fostering a diverse and global network of peers. This can lead to collaborative projects and the exchange of new ideas and perspectives.

Best online degree programs to pursue

1. Computer Science
Computer Science is a sought-after field that impacts virtually every industry. Companies need computer scientists to help them stay ahead by implementing the latest technology and internet options. As a computer science graduate, you will have the skills to develop and maintain software systems, understand coding, and work with programming languages. This degree program offers a wide range of specializations, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Game Design, and Blockchain Development. With a computer science degree, you'll be well-equipped to succeed in high-paying entry-level and management positions.
2. Business Administration
A Business Administration degree opens doors to many opportunities, from a CEO to a training and development manager. With various specializations available, this online degree offers high salary potential and a chance to make a meaningful impact on businesses across industries.
3. Nursing
Obtaining a nursing degree is a great career option if you want to help people with their health. As a nurse, you will treat and educate patients, significantly impacting their well-being. With varying levels of education and certification, you can choose the nursing path that best suits your career goals and salary expectations.
4. Marketing
A Marketing degree prepares you for a dynamic and ever-changing career. Companies in all industries require marketing professionals to increase brand awareness and develop effective campaigns. With a marketing degree, you'll learn how to leverage technology to connect with consumers and deliver impactful marketing strategies. Whether seeking a traditional marketing role or something more creative, a marketing degree provides endless opportunities to express your ideas and make a difference.
5. Finance
In finance, you can explore a vast field with lucrative career prospects. Consider roles such as financial manager, financial analyst, personal financial advisor, and financial examiner. With stability and growth, a career in finance can provide a secure future. An online degree in finance offers a solid foundation in the fundamentals and practices of finance. In the US, for example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the role of financial managers is expected to grow faster than average at 17% from 2020 to 2030.
6. Engineering
Engineering is a field that offers innovative solutions to everyday problems. You can choose to be either a professional engineer or an engineering technician. Electrical and Electronics Engineering focuses on designing and developing electronic systems, while Mechanical Engineering emphasizes applying energy, structure, and motion principles. Civil Engineers tackle large building and infrastructure projects, while Chemical Engineers work on creating new substances and systems to solve problems. If you are interested in math and science, engineering provides a range of specialties to pursue.
7. Human Resources
Managing personnel is essential for an organization's success; this is where HR comes in. As an HR manager, you will help identify staffing needs, recruit employees, conduct interviews, explain benefits, manage workplace policies, mediate conflicts, coordinate compensation and benefits plans, and ensure compliance with employment laws. You can play a crucial role in helping companies grow and succeed with the right skills.
8. Education
Have you considered venturing into the exciting field of education? Numerous online programs offer education in various aspects, such as instructional methods, classroom management, and specialized courses like science or math. To become a teacher, you'll need to complete a student teaching internship with a school in your subject. A degree, particularly a Master's in Education, can lead to excellent opportunities.
9. Environmental Science
Environmental science is an excellent and high-paying field with several career options, such as natural science managers, geoscientists, environmental engineers, and environmental scientists and specialists. As an environmental scientist, you'll work hand-in-hand with government agencies and businesses to make the world cleaner by reducing waste, cleaning contaminated areas, and providing expert advice to policymakers.
10. Communication
An online degree in Communication opens the door to exciting career prospects like public relations and fundraising managers, communications managers, broadcast journalists, and writers. Public relations managers are responsible for writing press releases, establishing and maintaining relationships with donors and philanthropists, and raising public awareness. Communication managers play a vital role in controlling a company's messaging. The communication courses you'll take in an online degree program may include subjects like mass media, broadcast journalism, organizational communication, and interpersonal and group communication.

High-growth industries and in-demand careers

Healthcare Industry
Despite the challenges faced by healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry remains a top field for the future. With a shortage of skilled nurses, the need for professionals in the healthcare industry is expected to continue to grow. If you are passionate about helping others and have a strong desire to make a difference in people's lives, a healthcare career is a perfect career to go for.
Information Technology
Information technology continues to grow, with the rise of remote work and smartphone development increasing the demand for software and app developers. With many companies now seeking individuals who have learned to code online, this is an exciting opportunity for those with a tech-oriented mindset to make a career change. With the software development field expected to grow by 22% by the end of the decade, over 300,000 new jobs with salaries of over six figures are predicted. A software or app development career could be ideal if you prefer a more introverted work environment.
Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management is a field that is poised for growth, as the panic buying before last year's lockdowns highlighted the importance of efficient delivery methods. Jobs in this field, such as Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst, and Distribution Manager, can be rewarding for those with a passion for making systems work more efficiently and strong skills in math, statistics, and engineering principles.
Financial Management
With a predicted growth of 15% over the next decade, financial management is a field that offers many opportunities for career advancement. As a financial manager, you will critically examine a company's spending and income, seeking ways to maximize profitability. While an MBA is often sought after by Fortune 500 companies, smaller organizations may hire financial managers with a bachelor's degree. With a median income approaching 120K, this field offers excellent financial potential. Similarly, the field of management consulting is also growing, with high median incomes and significant career opportunities.

Choosing the right program to fit your career goals

When choosing an online program, the provider's credibility becomes very important to check. The provider's reputation and the instructors' credentials should be carefully considered to ensure that you receive a quality education from experienced professionals with real-world expertise.
Course design
The design of the course is also a crucial factor in ensuring an engaging learning experience. A well-structured syllabus with step-by-step learning points can provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Look for online programs that offer detailed and focused course content on helping you dive deep into the topics that matter most to your career goals.
The e-learning space has advanced significantly in recent years, offering more interactive and immersive learning experiences. By incorporating live video feeds, interactive content, and gamification tools, online programs can bring a more human-like approach to digital learning. When choosing a program, the flexibility of the online degree program is vital.

Why should you consider getting an online degree?

Online degrees are gaining popularity and have become the best option for students. The Open Education Database highlights numerous benefits of online education. One significant advantage is the wide range of online programs and courses, from certificates to graduate degrees. Another advantage is the flexibility that online programs offer, making it easier for students to balance their studies with work or family commitments. Plus, the online format means course material is always accessible. Online learning can also be a great way to boost your current career or explore new career paths. However, it's important to note that online degrees require self-discipline and accountability from the student. You won't have regular in-person meetings to keep you on track, so staying organized and on top of your schedule is important. And while you may have different in-person interactions with your classmates, this can be a minor drawback in the grand scheme of things.

Can I get a job with an online degree?

Many people who study online wonder if employers will respect their degrees. They want to use their degree to get a better job or start a new career. Most employers believe that online degrees from accredited schools are credible and trustworthy. Choosing a well-known and respected school for your online degree is best. If you're considering getting an online degree, select the degree that meets your career goals. You can focus on finance, marketing, human resources, or management. With this degree, you can earn around $60,076. Other online degrees in business include accounting, human resources, project management, hospitality, and industrial and organizational psychology.

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