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Career Options With Online Computer Science Degree

Feb 28, 2023 • 4 mins read
Career Options With Online Computer Science Degree
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

The field of computer science covers a wide range of topics, from computer systems to networking to cybersecurity. In addition to developing software, analyzing computer systems, managing databases, and other related fields, you might work as a computer scientist. Earning a degree in computer science is an excellent idea since it is in high demand and has fast growth rate.
You can pursue a variety of technology-focused careers with a computer science degree. The program covers programming languages, data science, software development, network architecture, and information security.

What is computer science?

Computer science focuses on computers, servers, networks, and systems. It analyzes how well computer hardware and software perform. Computer scientists are responsible for designing, analyzing, and developing computer algorithms, programs, and operations. Computer scientists are also responsible for troubleshooting and debugging issues in computer hardware, software, and networks. They must be able to identify the cause of the issue and develop solutions to resolve it.

What is an online computer science degree?

With computer science degrees, you learn how to use computers mathematically and scientifically. If you get a computer science degree, you'll learn programming languages, data structures, and artificial intelligence. You may have to take math, statistics, or engineering courses too. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), many graduates with a Computer Science degree are in high demand.
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), many graduates with a Computer Science degree are in high demand. Due to the growth of digital technologies and the increasing need for automation, there is an increased demand for professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Introduction of WGU's Online Computer Science Degree

The online computer science degree offered by WGU is one of the best programs in the industry. The course is designed by subject-matter experts, with input from the industry. Having a bachelor's degree in computer science from WGU will not only increase your earning potential, job security, and promotion opportunities but will also increase your job security. As a degree program graduate, you can design, develop, and optimize systems under industry requirements and earn multiple industry-recognized certifications.

WGU's B.S. Computer Science program focuses on developing skills in these areas:

  • Logic
  • Architecture and systems
  • Data structures
  • AI
  • Computer theory

During the 6-month term, you must complete 12 competency units to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from WGU.

It is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a leader within your organization. Several topics are covered in the program, including algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence and robotics, databases and information retrieval, human-computer communication, numerical and symbolic computation, and others.

What does a computer science degree cover?

Upon completing this curriculum, aspirants will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a fascinating and rapidly developing field. With this combination of skills, graduates can remain competitive in this fast-paced industry and obtain well-paying positions worldwide. This course will provide students with specific skills, knowledge, and competencies to develop and assemble computer systems.
The training aids in enabling students to develop complex techniques and methodologies by providing a comprehensive understanding of program optimum frameworks, languages, computations, and methods. Additionally, they gain an understanding of identifying and responding to favorable conditions conducive to innovation development and implementation.

Job roles for a computer science degree

Following is a list of potential employment opportunities for graduates of computer science programs. A computer science degree is an excellent preparation for various in-demand occupations that require a conceptual and procedural understanding of computing.
Database administrator
System database administrators create, manage, verify, and execute databases, secure information, resolve problems, and monitor performance. They also create backups and recovery plans to protect the data from disasters or unauthorized access. Additionally, system administrators create user accounts and oversee user access. They also ensure the data is accurate by running tests and validating input data.
Data warehouse analyst
As a data storage analyst, your responsibilities will include helping an organization make practical use of the encoded data in its data warehouse. This could involve designing and creating databases, analyzing data to identify trends, creating data models and reports, and advising on best data storage and management practices. In addition, you will need to ensure data accuracy and security.
Research Analyst
Data analysts document data, conduct interviews and surveys, and collect information online. Research analysts are employed by various organizations and can have different titles. Data analysts develop strategic solutions and inform decision-making based on their findings.
Computer programmer
Coding is an integral part of computer science. Computer programmers create programs and websites. They are always in demand in the IT industry. Therefore, mastering coding skills is essential for anyone seeking a career.
Software Developer
Software developers create, validate, and operate computer applications and programs. They also modify programs. Developing software requires a deep understanding of the code that runs applications and programs. In addition to analyzing and troubleshooting the code, they must be able to identify potential risks and devise solutions.
Data scientists
A data scientist establishes and preserves data, evaluates, interprets, maps, and develops statistical procedures for companies to create actionable strategies. A data scientist collects, organizes, and analyzes large amounts of data to determine trends and patterns that help companies devise strategies for success.
Website developer
The role of website developers is to create and maintain websites using codes, backup networks, change information, improve the layout, and manage user interfaces. In order to create and maintain websites that meet the client's requirements, web developers need a thorough understanding of coding languages, web applications, and design principles.

Why get an online computer degree from WGU?

WGU, the world's leading university, offers online computer science degrees to students around the globe. With a degree from WGU, you can change your career trajectory at your own pace without relocating or commuting.
Broad skills
In the modern world, technology is used in nearly every industry, so you can apply the knowledge you gain in your computer science program to any career path. The online computer science degree from WGU will provide you with a comprehensive background in computer science, making you more confident in the job market.
High salary potential
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud computing are high-paying careers. Earning a computer science degree online from WGU can lead to a high-paying career.

Computer science degree salary

A higher-than-average salary is expected for these in-demand careers. According to NACE data, computer science is one of the highest-paid bachelor's degrees, with new graduates earning $75,900, a 5.2% increase compared to 2021 graduates. In addition, computer science graduates earn more than most other college graduates, making it a popular career choice.

Based on the BLS report, computer and information technology employees earn, on average, $97,430 annually. This makes the CS field highly lucrative, making it an attractive career choice for many individuals. In the US, a computer and information research scientist earns, on average, $131,490, while a computer programmer makes, on average, $93,000.

The final words

A computer science degree requires knowledge of complex programming languages and network systems. In addition to developing new computing technologies, computer scientists assess algorithms and write new programs using their knowledge of computer languages. Computer programmers use their knowledge of algorithms to create efficient and effective programs. They also understand computer languages, which they use to write computer code.

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